Saturday, August 1, 2015

Working on Another New Needlebook

Not really sure how this will be completed because, once again, I began working with no thought as to how this would be finished.

I embroidered ten pages: Embroidery, Chenille, Beading, Milliners, Quilting, Sharps, Specialty, Pins, Tools and Scissors. Both the Tools and Scissors pages have pockets appliqued to the page with the three-bead picot edge to hold some tools and a small pair of embroidery scissors.

The damask fabric used for part of the cover was cut with a rotary cutter with a scalloped edge. The fabric is raw and is unraveling as I expected it would.

When I finish the silk ribbon embroidery on the cover, then I'll try to sew the pages in as signatures. I still have to figure out how to sew the pages together to cover the backside of the embroidery. Because they'll be doubled, it will make a heavy surface to store needles and pins, too, but the cover will stay soft.