Saturday, September 12, 2015

Working on a Crazy Quilt Christmas Stocking

I've been working on an adaptation of one of my crazy quilt stocking patterns for the Pam Kellogg, the publisher of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine.

This stocking will be made of cotton plaids and stripes, with felted wool for the heel and toe and holly appliques. I'll be using my favorite method to transfer the text for the text embroidery--Glad Press'n Seal.

There's some new rayon rick rack in stock now at Vintage Vogue. Nine colors are online now. The new ones will be available in a couple of days. The edges will be finished with that, and I may make some pinecones out of the rick rack, too, and dangle them from the hanging loop.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Robins, how can you tell the difference between your eggs and the sky?"

I was invited to be a part of Pam Kellogg's 2016 Crazy Quilt Calendar. All of the blocks feature birds. Pam assigned the robin to me.

The quote is from The Rabbit Box by Joseph Pintauro. The vintage robin's nest graphic came from The Graphics Fairy.

I used silk ribbons, silk threads and silk fabrics from Colour Streams in Australia.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finally Finished This Needlebook

This project is finally finished. This small needlebook is about an inch thick. It has pages for Embroidery, Chenille, Beading, Milliners, Quilting, Sharps and Specialty needles. There's a page for Pins, too.

The Tools page has a small pocket to hold packages of needles or a small marking pen or seam ripper. The Scissors page has a pocket to hold a small pair of embroidery scissors.

The cover ties closed around a Czech glass butterfly bead on the back.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Not Finished Yet But Making Progress on This Needlebook

I still have more embroidery and beading to do on this before I try to figure out how to sew it together. I embroidered the pages with names of needles on opposite sides of one piece of felt. That has caused my current dilemma.

If I sew the back of one side together with the back of another side like I originally intended to do, then the pages kind of buckle when you open it up.

I may cut a narrow piece of felt about an inch wide and the height of the needlebook. It may be possible to sew the pages to it and then sew that inside of the cover. Then I still have to figure out how to sew the cover on.