Thursday, October 11, 2007

Simple Ribbon Leaves

Use this simple leaf to add greenery to your floral compositions. The steps are very easy.

· Cut 10" inches of ribbon into two 5" pieces. If you’re using French wired ribbon, you can leave the fine wire in the edge of the ribbon or remove it—your choice. Removing the wire will make the leaves softer.

· Fold the ribbon in half, and overlap the center selvege edges about ¼" as shown. Pin to hold in place. Make two of these.

· Place one leaf on top of the other as shown, with the outside edge of the top leaf aligned with the center of the bottom leaf. Pin to hold in place.

· Sew along the bottom edge, about ¼" in from the cut edges with ¼" long running stitches.

· Pull the running stitches to gather, wrap the thread around the gathers a few times, and knot off. Cut the thread.

· Tuck the finished leaves underneath your ribbon blossoms.

Enjoy your beautiful leaves...

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