Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Gift of Love Crazy Quilt Block

Recently my mother was hurt in a car accident. She's 80, but I never think of her being old or not being there for my family. When something like that happens, I think everyone realizes the gift of love that having two wonderful parents is. To memorialize the gift of love of your friends and family, here's an easy foundation-pieced crazy quilt block, featuring one of my favorite postcards from my personal collection - F110. It's just one of the images from my Vintage Postcard CDs.

Print this block directly onto computer printer fabric or freezer paper backed fabric with your inkjet printer, then use it as the foundation for your crazy quilt block with the center image already in place. If you want to make your block larger or smaller, use this as a guide to piecing.

Add the Large Basket finding after piecing and embroidery.

Enjoy your beautiful block...

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